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Posted by admin April 18, 2016


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  • Flat Fee irrespective of number of figures on a sheet
  • Flat Fee irrespective of complexity of drawings
  • Drawings compliant to USPTO, EPO, IPO, JPO & other patent offices of the world. We take complete care of shading, consistency and margins etc.
  • No separate charge for “Replacement Sheet”
  • Share drawing and sketches in any format including sketches, photos, videos & 3D files etc.
  • No charge for iterations
  • Get a peace of Mind: “We are Patent Drawing Experts”!


  • Expedited – within two days.
  • Regular – 2 or more days.

Payment Terms:

Inform your Account Manager about your choice of payment for the invoices.

  • Wave, PayPal or Card Payments: 4.4% Transaction Charges
  • Wire Payments: $15 per invoice payment
  • Check Payments or ACH into Bank of America: No Extra Charges